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Automation Testing Services

Optimize Time and Cost with Automation Testing Services

Software bugs are expensive. Companies embarking on a software project need to implement an effective and comprehensive testing strategy to avoid setbacks. Fortunately, quality assurance for products has become an effective approach for avoiding bugs and defects. Adequate testing ensures that key applications maintain functionality even after maintenance, new developments, and important software upgrades. ELAARSON is a leader in providing comprehensive automation testing services backed by a large pool of test automation experts and a decade of experience in executing test automation activities for global clients.


Our QA automation testing approach uses a superior testing strategy that, within days, improves the software quality and reduces the development time. Our Automation Testing Accelerator Kit comprises pre-built automation testing scripts, utilities, methodologies, strategies, and frameworks. ELAARSON's automation testing method and framework conditioned to help customers exploit best practices, use resources and the finest tools to strategize test automation. Our automation specialists have experience and expertise in delivering tester friendly automation solutions for performance testing, functional testing, and unit testing, using both open-source and commercial test automation tools.

Time - Tested Automation Strategy

ELAARSON's test automation strategy allows organizations to reduce time to market, ensure the product’s stability, increase release velocity, and decrease overall testing effort resulting in substantial ROI. We guarantee your software development process is smooth and uninterrupted by any changes. We perform so by using automation strategies on your mobile and web applications. Our services include:

• Automation evaluation, advisory and transformation services
• Feasibility of the Test Automation Tool
• Development of the Automation Framework
• Development of Automation Test Suite and maintenance
• Tailored test harness development

Automation Testing Approach

ELAARSON is recognized as a leading automation testing company, we deliver superior testing services for various applications and software test automation projects. We offers dedicated software test automation solutions using industry-leading testing approaches, best practices, and Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools. Our test automation maintenance services to its customers including:

- Evaluation and assessment of existing frameworks and test suites
- Enhancement of the test suite and test framework to support application and platform advancement
- Migration services to update legacy automation scripts to new automation tools.

Why Your Company Should Use Automation Testing

Our product was build without a single bug in beta-version….said no Product Owner ever. The truth is – no matter how professional and experienced your developers are, the nasty bugs still creep inside even the neatest software products. Up to 50% of mobile users report that they’ll immediately delete an app if they spot a single bug. The stats for web products are nearly the same. That’s why software testing and quality assurance come as an integral part of the overall web development process.

While for most people software testing is still associated with a bunch of people anxiously clicking in your app, inputting some odd commands and doing other strange chores, that’s no longer the case with automate software testing. Software tests should be scheduled regularly during the development cycles to secure quality. Obviously, more complex products e.g. custom CRM systems, EMR/EHR systems or any enterprise web application project require more complex testing, especially if you choose to support multiple operating systems and software configurations.

After each manipulation with the source code, you need to run software tests. Repeating these tests manually is costly and time-consuming. One of the core benefits of test automation is that you need to create a set of test cases once and afterwards conduct them 24/7 even when the testing team is out of the office. Automated testing cuts down the time to run repetitive tests from days to just a few hours. After all less time spent = smaller development bill to foot. Additionally, you don’t need to keep a dedicated manual testing team to handle QA. One automated testing engineer can have you covered at all times.

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