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BI Testing Services

ELAARSON will empower your dashboard with impeccable quality. We provide full-cycle testing service to make your software secure, fast, appealing, and bug-free.

In spite, of the advancements in mobile and tablet technology, desktops continue to be in use. It is, thus, imperative that businesses come up with dashboards that are structurally and functionally performance ready. To this end, testing dashboards must be part of the software quality assurance program. Faulty and defective dashboards can negatively affect the business efforts leading to increased costs and loss of business reputation.


Desktop application testing involves the testing of applications to be run on desktops, personal computers and other such devices. The testing is conducted with respect to parameters such as security, functionality, stability, usability etc. Investing in in-house dashboard testing may be good if companies have the time and resources for it. However, it may lead to delays in production of the software. As most businesses have deadlines by which they have to deliver their applications, this may be time-consuming.

A more practical way for businesses to test the performance of their dashboard software would be to outsource the application testing to an expert software testing service provider. ELAARSON, a leading Software Testing Company, has 20 years’ experience in providing quality dashboard testing services. By outsourcing their testing requirements, businesses can reduce their cost and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle.

Desktop Application Testing Life Cycle

ELAARSON's dedicated and experienced testing team has certain procedures in place to ensure that dashboard testing goes well. We will also customize the testing methodology in consultation with our clients. The following steps will be followed:

• Assessment of Test Requirements
• Test Plan Creation
• Allocation of Resources for Testing
• Execution of the Test Plan.
• Regression Testing / Automation Testing
• Monitoring and update
• Identification, Tracking and Removal of Bugs
• Evaluation
• Testing Completion


Types of Desktop Application Testing

Desktop Testing Types
Deep Learning Solutions

Functionality Testing

Functional Testing involves testing the system or component against the functional specifications. We make sure every button and function works just as it's supposed to so that users don't get errors and unexpected outcomes when they use your software.

Machine Learning Solutions

Load Testing

Desktop application has to resist a big number of people using it simultaneously. Thousands of server requests should be handled painlessly, and performance testing of dashboard helps to make sure it won't fail while processing.

Machine Learning Solutions
Natural Language Processing

Security Testing

Your application will be tested with forced attacks to ensure all sensitive information (passwords, user data, transaction history, etc.) is encrypted, network is protected, database responds with valid output on request, and ensure users with maximum safety and confidentiality.

Robotic Process Automation

Regression Testing

When you make any updates to your software, it leads to numerous glitches because old functionality poorly integrates with the new one. Regression desktop app testing helps find the core of every bug to proceed with further updates and polishing of the app.

Robotic Process Automation
Intelligent Document Recognition

Usability Testing

Applying usability and user experience testing we help companies progress through engaging, user-friendly, and intuitive interfaces. Our QA engineers will check whether it is convenient and ready to face your demanding target audience.


Compatibility Testing

Your software will be downloaded and used on a number of OSs, and you definitely want it to work equally great on each of them. With compatibility desktop app testing, our team will ensure that your app runs without bugs on Operating System.