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Compatibility Testing

Comprehensive Compatibility Testing Services

The software application must make compatibility with an extensive range of environments as proof of its versatility. Compatibility test helps ensure full customer satisfaction as it scrutinizes and checks whether the application performs or operates as expected for all the intended users across various platforms. This non-functional testing is carried out to make sure the compatibility of an application, website, or system built with various other objects like other databases, web browsers, users, operating systems, hardware platforms, networks, mobile devices, etc. We conduct it to estimate the app’s compatibility with varied environments.

ELAARSON uses compatibility testing to ensure interoperability between your business-critical systems to discover important modifications or additions required. Following functional necessities, we offer solutions so that our clients could avoid loss of reputation and financial risks caused by poor system compatibility. Testing conducted before the product releases identify compatibility glitches and controls project budget over the prescribed limits. ELAARSON offers an end to end compatibility testing services and infrastructure to make sure your apps deliver for your users and your business.


Compatibility Testing- Our Approach

Our priority is to cover our client’s quality assurance and testing needs and helping development teams ensure the delivery of a comprehensive functional project. Our testing teams work using the agile methodology during the manual test procedure and ensure seamless collaboration with development teams. Our manual test team identifies operation failures and provides clientele with bug-free proven solutions. We guarantee the quality of our services according to items outlined in the SLA.

We preach clear communication and ensure complete support. To provide companies with a broad picture of detected bugs, we develop detailed project documentation with data. We support enterprises in their pursuit of successful growth and competitiveness.


Compatibility Testing Methodology

Our experienced testing team has adopted an experimental approach to app compatibility testing. We create a series of real test environments with different configurations of operating systems, software, hardware, networks and database servers to ensure their compatibility with all arrangements and configurations.

ELAARSON has an extensive compatibility lab covering the newest platforms, OSs, peripherals, and hardware to ensure that your product performs over an extensive range of technical specifications. The objectives of our Compatibility and Interoperability testing are:

- Understand the client’s requirements to validate the app’s compatibility requirements.
- Design compatibility test plan and matrix.
- Define test scenario as well as the development of test suites.
- Test analysis and execution.
- Accurate report for decision making.

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