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Test Maturity Assessment - Against Industry Norms

In spite, of the advancements in mobile and tablet technology, desktops continue to be in use. It is, thus, imperative that businesses come up with desktop applications that are structurally and functionally performance ready. To this end, testing desktop applications must be part of the software quality assurance program. Faulty and defective desktop applications can negatively affect the business efforts leading to increased costs and loss of business reputation.

Desktop application testing involves the testing of applications to be run on desktops, personal computers and other such devices. The testing is conducted with respect to parameters such as security, functionality, stability, usability etc. Investing in in-house desktop application testing may be good if companies have the time and resources for it. However, it may lead to delays in production of the software. As most businesses have deadlines by which they have to deliver their applications, this may be time-consuming.

A more practical way for businesses to test the performance of their desktop application software would be to outsource the application testing to an expert software testing service provider. ELAARSON, a leading Software Testing Company, has 20 years’ experience in providing quality desktop application testing services. By outsourcing their testing requirements, businesses can reduce their cost and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle.

Productivity is continually increasing and customers are demanding even higher levels of quality. Even if the present test process is fitting and satisfactory, this process will need perfection in the future. Thus, improving the test process is necessary for maintaining software quality and overall business processes. TPI offers insight into the maturity of the current test procedures and discovers improvement actions to accomplish the desired test maturity level and business objectives.

ELAARSON Test Advisory Competency

TPI (Test Process Improvement)
We have our own set of guidelines for defining a test process to deliver an optimal product which is not only synonymous with quality but also comes with an ease of maintenance.

Continuous Need for Test Improvement
With the fast pace of changes in technologies, the test process models need enhancements to support such technologies. We know that the aim of testing is to enhance the overall software quality along with the final product. Just like the techniques of process enhancement are used in software development, similarly, they can also be used to revamp the test process.

Advantages of Test Process Improvement
The cost/budget of a product cannot be overlooked while developing it. It is one of the major concerns and hence, the demand for continuous enhancements in the test process of the organization is increased to potentially minimize the cost of quality. Based on this understanding particular models for test improvement have been developed to solve this issue.

Some of them are:

Deep Learning Solutions

Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi)

Machine Learning Solutions

Test Process Improvement Next (TPI Next)

Machine Learning Solutions
Natural Language Processing

Super Critical Testing Processes (CTP)

Robotic Process Automation

Systematic Test & Evaluation Process (STEP)

Robotic Process Automation

At ELAARSON, use these models to gather cross-organizational test metrics for carrying out standardized comparisons.