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E-Learning Application Testing Services

ELAARSON has individuals on staff who have made E-Learning their focus

Successful e-learning applications require much more than pretty pages with information on them. They need to be extremely easy to navigate, have clear instructions, and be compatible with all browsers, operating systems, and most mobile devices. The information must be presented in a way that is both engaging and motivating to learners, and the exams need to properly evaluate how well and how much the users learned, as well as the course itself. On top of that, the entire course and content management system (CMS) must be free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors since no one is going to want to learn from a website that contains such things.

Proper validation of e-learning applications considers the courses and CMS from two perspectives. First, the course needs to have all of the necessary information related to the subject matter and meet the expectations (whether government or business) for providing certifications, continuing education (CE) credits, or other goals the application may have. Second, the course must be easily understood by even the most technically challenged, usable on the slowest connections, and draw the learner in so they will come back for more. Enrolling and paying for courses should have limited steps and clear instructions. Testing of e-learning goes beyond simple functional and usability tests and considers the characteristics of the learners themselves, the instructional design of the individual courses, the learnability of the course structure, and the engagement of the CMS itself.

ELAARSON’s E-Learning Solutions

Information Technologies.

e-Learning Industry Needs Wide range of compatibility needs. Easily navigable application Free From grammatical and verbal errors. Usability of application Easy course enrollment and payments Instructional design and learnability of courses.

Offerings Staff with E-learning focus In depth knowledge of standards. Quick integration with your team to build application in time. End to end planning and execution based on needs analysis and goals/objectives Automation tools & frameworks Multilingual & mobile testing.


Why testing your e-Learning app/websites is important?

Providing content to thousands of users across the globe/nation without any hindrance is the USP of any E-learning service providing business. Since thousands of users are accessing the web-based software/application it has to be in exemplary condition in terms of access, speed, functionality and security.

Testing an E-learning app from the development stage itself will make sure that the product is defect-free and can result in reduced risk since a huge amount of money as well as manpower is poured to make software like these.

Last but not least, people have to like the app, they must feel it easy to navigate and access all the content that’s available on the platform. So user experience has of utmost importance to assure the success of any E-learning platform

Give us a call today to talk about the e-learning domain services we can offer your business right now and we promise you won’t be disappointed you did. With our company at your back, you can develop flawless application that will elevate your business and will put you above competition.


As a top-rated E-Learning App Testing company, Our primary focus is to ensure that every website or application of our clients undergoes a meticulous quality check. Our testers are committed to meeting the requirements of each trainer and learner. What you should expect from us includes:

● Interesting content
● Legitimate functionality
● Excellent usability
● Quality E-Learning Application Testing Services

Our E-Learning Application Testing Services promotes consistency and appropriateness of eLearning programs via the following services:

Platform Testing: We ensure that your eLearning products are flawless and readily accessible irrespective of the operating software, mobile device or browser used. We make sure your application works conveniently across all platforms.

Content Validation: We put a lot of effort to make sure your content is of high-quality and meet the standards of your educational industry. Our experts clearly understand the importance of education as well as its different domains. We are aware that your eLearning application is a crucial part of your educational service, and we ensure it is done accurately.

Performance Testing:Testrig has competent expertise in Performance testing of eLearning based apps and websites. Speed is our primary focus – so your students can access site and application quickly and conveniently.

Functional Testing: Our skilled and experienced professionals ensure all aspects of your eLearning website work correctly, including the responsiveness of buttons and tabs. We ensure your users don’t experience any issue while accessing your e-learning app.



- Legitimate demonstration of courses
- Testing for potential problems in the student management software
- Effectively managing the information of students on your database
- Simple and impressive display including alluring colour combination and adequate placing of tabs
- Easy and smooth contact between students and trainer
- Testing the strength of online examinations under peak load

Why ELAARSON’s e-Learning Testing Advantage

- Excellent domain knowledge helps to figure out potential problem areas, estimate client requirements in clear and pervasive terms, and provide high-quality solutions
- Expertise in latest technology and tools
- Use of both licensed and open source tools help reduce costs and increase compatibility
- Dedicated pool of talent and well-established e-Learning testing infrastructure
- Custom-made K-12 education testing solutions
- AICC/SCORM compliant course testing
- Traceability of functions and requirements
- Experience and extensive domain expertise

e-Learning Testing Strategy

Text, Visuals, & Function

We focus on text, visuals, & functionalities separately instead of testing all the three in one go.

QA Checklist

We must have a comprehensive eLearning testing checklist to verify Content, Design, Functionality, Assessment Resources, & compliance.

OS, Browser, and Devices

Test eLearning applications/courses on multi-platform, browsers, and mobile devices to ensure compatibility.

Test Automation

Automate regression test cases for a quick feedback and let your testing team concentrate on Adhoc & Exploratory Testing.

lms testing

Concurrent Testing

Test the LMS by sending simultaneous artificial traffic to stress the infrastructure and to find the performance bottlenecks.

Tracking Review Feedback

We provide the review feedbacks in Jira tickets with valid comments & screenshots and track the review cycles.

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