ERP Testing Service

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ERP Testing Service

Software testing services to increase the quality and predictability of your ERP applications

ERP Software has been in the trend for the past few decades. It provides the backbone for an enterprise-wide information system. The core benefit of ERP is easy access to reliable, integrated information. The related benefit is the removal of redundant data and the rationalization of procedures, which result in substantial cost savings.

ERP Testing assists in preventing bad implementation and regrets. Once a product has gone live in production there is no way to turn back. Any dysfunction or error found after launch leads to extra tension and a bad reputation and takes twice as long as the first time to correct it. Hence, ERP Testing is essential in today’s market. It saves the precious time, brings the revenue and makes the software more competent and effective.

Major Features of ERP

It provides multi-mode, multi-platform, multi-facility manufacturing, multi-lingual facilities, etc

It covers all functional areas like human resources, manufacturing, inventory, accounts, selling and distribution, payables, receivables, purchases etc

ERP is the answer for better project management

ERP allows the automatic introduction of the most recent technologies like Video conferencing, E-Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Intranet, Internet, API, etc

ERP supports business planning and strategic activities, operational planning and execution actions, the creation of Resources and Materials

ERP reduces most business problems like material shortages, productivity enhancements, inventory problems, cash management, customer service, prompt delivery, quality problems, etc

It bridges the information gap across different enterprises

It offers smart and intelligent business tools like a decision support system, Data mining Executive information system, and smart working systems to enable perfect decisions

It also performs core undertakings and increases customer service, thus augmenting the corporate image

It also offers complete integration of systems not only across companies but also across departments under the same management

ERP Testing - Center of Excellence

With a successful and proven track record of testing complicated ERPs for global enterprises, our results-driven approach guarantees high ROI on investments. Our testing professionals are dedicated and specialized in Enterprise resource planning packages and their experience combined with domain expertise guarantees speed, quality, and lucrative testing solutions. We offer services across the lifecycle of ERP systems, executions, upgrading, support and maintenance.

Our experts have also built a Test Automation Framework customized for testing ERP systems. Our unique ERP testing services can be incorporated into both customized and accelerated implementations, depending on the organization’s testing necessities. We can test apps at all levels or arrange new testing solutions for users and support staff, including coordination with the testing systems of your specific application or solution.

We offer comprehensive and accounts for all testing types, including data conversion, system, and user acceptance testing. We are competent enough of offering testing capabilities as a stand-alone service that is independent of your implementation, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.