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Web Application Testing

We Verify Web Application Interface, Along With Other Related Functionalities

Web applications are no longer simple information-based websites. Their increasing size and complexity combined with Agile’s short development cycles and frequent changes in requirements present many quality assurance and web application testing issues. With all these changes, web application testing is now more important than ever. The problem is that testing web applications is now akin to testing a fully functional software application. The only difference is the deployment platform. Size and complexity continues to increase and many think that test automation tools are the cure all. Utilizing these tools to conduct a functional test might be as easy as “record and play” but executing test runs in a coordinated manner while tracking issues and metrics to gauge quality and improvement can bring in a plethora of issues.

From corporate websites to multi-player online games, Elaarson has been part of different projects for several companies from different part of the world. Web application testing is an important and essential procedure to ensure that the solution that you are offering to your customers and users is bug-free and flawless. At Elaarson, we understand your business and how important the applications are for your business. With the help of our expert team of QAs and web application testing team, we use advanced methodologies to provide you agile QA service which helps in the best product or solution delivery.


There are different types of devices in the market, and different devices have different software environment, hardware components and various other platform. In order to ensure that the application that you are planning to launch is working fine with all the above parameters, it is very important and essential to check the application for all the angles. With the help of Elaarson’s 360 degree web application quality testing service, you can be assured that your application will just receive positive responses and no errors.

 Task complexity and length

 Roles and authentication

 Menu options and permissions

 Integration with other interfaces and 3 rd party plugins

 # of variations for each data element acted on data integrity and format consistency

 # configurations

 # OS and browser platforms supported

With online retail set to dominate the global market, it is imperative that businesses come up with web-based applications that are structurally and functionally performance ready. To this end, testing of web applications must be a part of the software quality assurance program. Faulty and defective web applications can negatively affect the business efforts leading to increased costs and loss of business reputation.

Web Application Testing Life Cycle

Elaarson's dedicated and experienced testing team has certain procedures in place to ensure that web application testing goes well. We will also customize the testing methodology in consultation with our clients. The following steps will be followed:

• Assessment of Test Requirements
• Test Plan Creation
• Allocation of Resources for Testing
• Execution of the Test Plan
• Monitoring and update
• Identification, Tracking and Removal of Bugs
• Evaluation
• Testing Completion



Elaarson has rich experience in Web Application Testing and Website Testing services. We describe some of these project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you. Elaarson's dedicated team of Web test engineers have good experience and knowledge in Web based application testing technologies. Elaarson's rich expertise in different technologies has been generated in the course of delivering many projects for our clients in different parts of the globe.


Elaarson provides a range of testing services on web application & websites with the support of our years of web application development expertise and 20+ years of software testing services experience. Here are the services that we provide from our engineering centers in India.

✔ Functional Testing
✔ Performance Testing
✔ UI/Beauty Testing
✔ Usability Testing
✔ Compatibility Testing
✔ Multi Language Support Testing
✔ Cross Browser Testing
✔ Load Testing
✔ Stress Testing
✔ W3C Compliance Testing
✔ Regression Testing (Automation support)
✔ Exploratory Testing
✔ Smoke Testing
✔ User Acceptance Testing
✔ Beta Testing

It is always a good practice to prepare an effective bug report. Fixing a bug depends on how effectively you prepare your bug report. At Elaarson we provide daily test report for our client which will help them to stay updated about the project progress.